Product Sourcing for Professionals

The ONLY proven set of standard operating procedures that provide you with step-by-step instructions for everything you need to do to be able to send hundreds of emails to pre-screened suppliers every week.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to build a real business by reselling brand name products on Amazon, Product Sourcing for Professionals is your roadmap to sourcing more products and increasing your cash flow and profits.


Without the proper systems in place, you could spend months trying to sourcing profitable products – and you probably won’t make much headway – unless you harness these proven business processes.


So stop wasting time trying to re-create the wheel. Let’s do this together.


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Selling brand name products on Amazon is an absolutely wonderful business to be in because it is very low risk and produces a very predictable cash flow.


But, there is a catch…and it’s a big one. Sourcing new products to resell is hard. Really hard. In fact, it is the hardest part of the business by far.


So what is a budding entrepreneur to do?

  • How exactly can you significantly reduce the frustration that comes from a lack of traction and growth?
  • How do you put yourself in a position to let opportunities knock on your door?
  • And how do you find the time to do it all?

These are the exact problems that I’ll help you address with Product Sourcing for Professionals; a proven set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that anyone can use to immediately delegate all the boring (yet absolutely critical) grunt work to your virtual assistant(s).


With you start using my SOPs in your business, you will have all the systems in place to allow you to immediately begin delegating work to your team.

Imagine where your business would be today if you started 4 months ago, just like these current customers:


What's Included?

The purpose of Product Sourcing for Professionals is to provides users with the bare essentials needed to scale up their product sourcing and purchasing.


This SOP allows you (or your VA) to quickly find the right competitors on Amazon so that you can analyze their products and attempt to source any that are financially viable for you. This is a much faster way to find products than manual scouting.


Product extractions are a key part of the sourcing process as they provide the most effective way for you to generate lists of potential products to go after. Once you have completed a product extraction, you will have a spreadsheet full of all the data for every single product that you can easily import into Hubspot CRM or any CRM of your choice so that you can now easily send your preferred email template to each person with just a few clicks.


Also included with this SOP is the Google sheet that we created to automatically do the calculations needed to help you determine what your share of the profits would be; given the number of current sellers in contention for the buy box.


When you have confirmed that the pricing offered by a supplier is acceptable and are planning to issue a purchase order, start, this SOP will walk you through your initial steps before and after you issue a PO, including whether or not you should actually issue a PO; thereby saving you from making a mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars.


This SOP will help you prepare yourself for the first call with a brand. By the time you have gone through the steps in this SOP, you will know more about their products on Amazon than they do – and by knowing all these details before you pick up the phone, you will never have to worry about sounding stupid when you are on the phone.

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